Local Rules

1. These rules will apply to all competitors, coaches and supporters in each division from the time that the first boat launches until the time that the last boat is recovered from the pontoons.

2. The event will be run in accordance with the Scottish Rowing Rules of Racing and the Scottish Rowing Water Safety Code. The races will be started using the Scottish Rowing Starting Procedures for Head Races.

3. Marshals appointed by Inverness Rowing Club shall be treated as Umpires (i.e. have the same powers and authority as Umpires) for the purposes of enforcing these local rules.

4. Marshals appointed by Inverness Rowing Club may take the place of Umpires during the racing.

5. Crews must adhere to the published timetable for launching and arrival at the start marshalling area.

6. Crews must follow the published circulation pattern and obey the instructions of marshals both at the start and after they have finished racing.

7. Crews being overtaken must give way to faster crews or risk disqualification (but see rule 8).  Where practical this means that a slower crew should move to the outside on bends but overtaking crews should note that this may not always be possible if a slow crew is being overtaken by several crews at the same time. On straight sections of the course, faster boats should indicate which side of the canal they intend to use to pass and slower crews should move towards the opposite bank.

8. Crews rowing for “Time Only” shall not obstruct nor require any crew that is racing in the main competition to give way.  When overtaking they should take the outside of bends.

9. Penalties: In addition to any disciplinary measures set out in the Scottish Rowing Rules of Racing, Marshals/Umpires shall be entitled to impose the following penalties for crews who infringe these rules
i. Disqualification for any crew failing to pass through i) the finish line 40 minutes before the start time of each division or ii) the pylons 25 minutes before the start time of each division;
ii. 10 second time penalty for each minute that a crew is late to arrive at the start;
iii. After being given a verbal warning, a 5 second time penalty for each time a crew refuses to follow a marshal’s instruction at the start and/or finish;
iv. 10 second time penalty for verbal abuse of marshals (note this penalty can be enforced on a crew should such abuse come from a coach or supporter); and
v. Repeated infringements of these rules could lead to disqualification.

10.  The running order will be created using a random draw but the organising committee shall be entitled to make adjustements i) to ensure that crews from the same club are separated by at least one boat in the draw and ii) to take into account the wide range of handicaps that can be applied to Masters crews.

11. The organisers will contact clubs by email if any of their crews do not have competition in their chosen event.  The options available are i) move the crew to an alternative event, or ii) race as “Time Only”, or iii) withdraw the entry (with entry fees being refunded).

12. Depending on the number of entries, Masters’ events will be rowed either as a single event or as separate events grouped into age bands. Handicaps will be calculated using the Scottish Rowing standard handicap tables in force at the date of the event.