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JBT Winter Head and Scottish Students Rowing Championships Head – Poster

Our next event is the JBT Winter Head and Scottish Students Rowing Championships Head.  This will be held on 10th and 11th February.

The poster is available here.

27 Jan 18: Please note that there has been a slight revision to the SR events spreadsheet.  We were incorrectly calculating the entry fee for Juniors who enter Senior events.  The revised version can be downloaded from the SR events link below.

Entry forms can be downloaded from the following links SR events and Student Events.

Marshalling Instruction (IRC Members)

A zip file containing the detailed instructions for IRC marshalls is availalable here.

There is a separate file for each of the 6 colour groups so please familiarise yourself with the content of the relevant document.

If you want to look at a particular document, please click the relevant link below