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Results – Excel Format

This weekend’s results are now availalble in Excel format here.

Many thanks to Hawco (our sponsor) and all umpires and volunteers for their assisstance in making this event possible.

The organising committee trusts that competitors had a good couple of days racing and look forward to welcoming you all back on 10th and 11th February for our Winter Head incorportating the Scottish Students Head.

Marshalling Instruction (IRC Members)

A zip file containing the detailed instructions for IRC marshalls is availalable here.

There is a separate file for each of the 6 colour groups so please familiarise yourself with the content of the relevant document.

If you want to look at a particular document, please click the relevant link below








Running Order and Essential Information – With Bow Numbers

The essential competitor information is available here.  ALL competitors must read this document and make themselves familiar with the marshalling arrangements.

The running order for this weekend can be downloaded here.  This has been updated to include bow numbers.

We are still looking for some volunteers to help with bank safety and start & finish marshalling duties.  Please email if you can help from 9am (Div 1) and/or 12:30 (Div 2) on either Saturday and/or Sunday.  A £5 voucher for the tea tent will be given to people who help out on the day.


List of Entrants and Advance Marshalling Information

A list of entries received is now available here.  Please direct any questions to your club captain/entry secretary in the first instance so they can check against the entry made by your club.

Can club captains/entry secretaries let us know of any errors by 9pm on Wednesday, please, so we can issue a final version of the running order including boating times etc. on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Essential information for competitors that will include marshalling & parking information will be issued soon.  Some advance information is available here here that all competitors should read before the event.

To help us run the event safely and efficiently we are looking for up to 10 volunteers to help in each division with bank safety duties and marshalling at the start/finish – further details at the end of the advance marshalling information.